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Mutton Chunks-5 LB.


Mutton Chunks-5 LB.

This 5 LB. resealable bag of mutton chunks will have varying sized pieces of meat, fat & bone from skinned and gutted grass-fed Michigan ewes. These packages include some organ pieces. Our quality products are not from left-overs or throw-aways. Each healthy, robust animal is selected with your pets' optimal health in mind, artisanally butchered, packaged & fresh frozen. Every 5 LB. bag will contain a variety of pieces and there is no guarantee on which pieces will be in the bag - it is a random selection. Fresh frozen.
Mutton is naturally fatty. Mutton chunks contain a lot of naturally marbling and a good portion of wholesome fat that nourishes your pet's joints, skin & coat. Mutton is packed with flavor!

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