KURE Raw Fermented Goat Milk Quart

Raw Fermented
Goat Milk



Raw goat milk, lactic acid bacteria.

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  • Advanced Nutritional Booster

  • Add raw milk to any meal

  • Easy for digestion, high bioavailability

  • Healthier than other commercial milks

Nutrient Dense Raw Food

  • Healthy raw fermented milk

  • Pasture raised and grassfed goats

  • Full-fat dairy, balanced by nature

  • Billions of probiotics and hundreds of live, diverse cultures

  • Digestible lactose due to raw fermentation

  • Delivers nutrients in its complete form

  • Whole and living beneficial bacteria

  • No high pressure processing or pasteurization (HPP)

  • Healthy curds

  • Superb source of live, naturally occurring enzymes,
    vitamins,  minerals and fatty acids

  • Rich in naturally occurring CLA,omega-3 fatty acids,
    and vitamin K2

  • Protective nutrient-dense food

  • Ideal introduction to feeding fermented wholefoods


Storage and Handling
Keep frozen. Thaw to serve. Refrigerate after serving. Stays fresh 14 days after opening.

Refreeze after 14 days if needed.

Best Way to Serve

Serve at room temperature or as a frozen treat. To receive

the maximum benefits of nutrients warming or heating is

not recommended.

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