My Pet Carnivore

Ground Whole Beaver-2 LB.

Ground Whole Beaver-2 LB.
Tasty! Oh, so tasty! It's a conveniently packaged 2 pound deli container of deliciousness which includes the whole animal: meat, bones and organs. Also, this very natural product has been skinned and eviscerated then coarse ground and fresh frozen.
Beaver is part of the natural diet of wolves, lynx, foxes, etc. It is an aquatic herbivore with webbed feet.
Keep in mind that we have a limited, seasonal supply which usually lasts from Winter to Spring.
  • The average prey animal has about 10% to 15% bone, about 10% organs and the rest muscle and fat and connective tissue. That is Mother Nature's model and therefore our model ratio for all of our Whole Groundproducts.

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