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Ground Beef Tripe Supermix-2 LB.


Ground Beef Tripe Supermix-2 LB.

Tripe Supermix is coarse ground and packaged in a 2 LB. deli container. It contains 50% green beef tripe, 40% beef muscle meat/bone/organ, 10% beef trachea and gullet.
    • The tripe, trachea and gullet are from Michigan raised, grass fed USDA approved dairy cattle.
    • The meat, bones and organs are from healthy young beef.
    • As with all of our tripe products, we use only the best parts of the stomach, that is, the ruminants' first two stomach chambers: the rumin and the reticulum.
    • All natural, no preservatives, additives or denaturing agents. Steroid free. Hormone free.
    • It's a little lighter in bone content than some of our other meat, bone and organ products.
    • It's our signature product!
(Order 12 containers for a full case.)

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