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Dehydrated Tripe Strip Treats-6 Oz.


Dehydrated Beef Tripe Strip Treats-6 oz.

Dehydrated Beef Tripe Strip treats! Yum! Yum!! We begin with our wholesome grass fed green beef tripe. Then we remove the fat and cut the tripe into variously sized strips. After 2-3 days in our dehydrator, we are left with these generously-sized, delicious, crunchy, chewy snacks for your pets.
They are a nutritious, natural alternative to rawhide and the like. And our dehydrated tripe strips will give your fuzzy ones some well deserved chewing satisfaction. --Just like all tripe products, these a pungent. However, they are much less so than their raw counterparts.
All of this deliciousness is packaged, for your convenience, in a resealable plastic bag. As with all of our quality, dehydrated treats, they are made in small batches. They are all natural with no additives and no preservatives. "Give it to me straight! What are all of the ingredients?" you ask. "They are 100% Midwestern Grass-Fed Green Beef Tripe!" we answer.
For prolonged shelf life, store in the freezer.

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