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Dehydrated Pork Liver Treats-16 Oz.


Dehydrated Pork Liver Treats-16 oz.

It's our large family size package of Dehydrated Pork Liver Treats! This might be our tastiest treat of all! It's all-natural, 100% pork liver in a 16 oz. resealable plastic bag. These lovingly dehydrated treats require FOUR pounds of raw liver to make one 16 oz. bag!
We start with all-natural USDA-inspected and approved pork liver. We hand-cut the liver and dehydrate it in small batches. The deliciousness that results are large, crunchy slabs of flavorful goodness! Made in-house with extra love for your pets! Dehydrated liver treats are our best-selling treats.
No preservatives, additives or artificial anything. *For prolonged shelf life, store in cool, dry place. Served with a hug and plenty of fresh water.
Liver is a very tasty, rich treat. If you overfeed liver, whether it's dehydrated or raw, it can produce an urgent bathroom need for your pet. Every pet's digestion is unique. Feed it in moderation.

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