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Beef Gullet-Whole


Whole Beef Gullet

One super crunchy Whole Beef Gullet in resealable bag. The gullet also contains some surrounding meat.
We only use USDA inspected and approved Midwestern-raised cattle for our gullets . They are steroid-free and hormone-free. Fresh frozen for extra wholesome goodness!
The cartilage in the gullet is a natural source for glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and collagen. All of which support healthy joints. This makes gullet an excellent product for all dogs, young or old! Gullet is especially good for breeds known for hip/joint problems.
NOTE: Every attempt has been made to remove the thyroid from our cows during slaughter. This is because thyroid tissue can elevate your pets thyroid hormones. However, we may have punctured the thyroid during removal. This could cause the gullet to contain elevated levels of beef thyroid hormone. Beef thyroid hormone fed in excess could cause thyroid issues in your pet. Please do not overfeed gullet.
Shipping Weight: 1 pound (Order 12 for a full case.)

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