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Animal Essentials - Milk Thistle


Animal Essentials Milk Thistle Dog & Cat Supplement, 2-oz

Throughout a pets life, they come in contact with many toxins which are filtered by their liver. Milk Thistle is considered a liver tonic and has shown to help prevent liver damage and even can even help repair the liver. Silymarin is the medicinal ingredient found in Milk Thistle seeds and is an antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage. It is recommended to not use Milk Thistle for extended periods of time, but to use when the liver is under stress. Animals Apawthecary remedies are 100% natural, safe & effective.

Product Benefits:


  • Good For Immune Health
  • Supports Liver Function
  • Made in the USA


Dogs Under 30 lbs - Give 10 - 20 Drops, 1 - 2 Times Daily
Dogs Over 30 lbs - Give 20 - 40 Drops, 1 - 2 Times Daily
Cats - Give 10 - 20 Drops, 1 - 2 times Daily

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