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5 LB. Ground Whole YOUNG Beef


5 LB. Ground Whole Young Beef

This is our Ground Young Beef in our larger family size. We package this product in a 5lb deli container! We use the whole calf to make this low fat crowd-pleaser. It includes the meat, bone & organs. Each of the calves are artisanally butchered, coarse ground and fresh frozen by Schoenborn Family Farms with the optimal nutrition of your pets in mind.
Our Young Beef products are VERY lean--only about 1% fat.
These Michigan cows are 1 - 7 days old, healthy males from dairy stock. The calves are milk-fed. This is a very young meat source making for softer, more digestible bones. Unlike the beef from adult cows of which we are familiar, this product is very, very lean. (It's about 1% fat!)
  • The average prey animal has about 10% to 15% bone, about 10% organs and the rest muscle and fat and connective tissue. That is Mother Nature's model and therefore our model ratio for all of our Whole Groundproducts.
(Order 8 for a full case.)

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