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5 LB. Ground Green Beef Tripe


5 LB. Ground Green Beef Tripe

Wholesome, quality, 100% green beef tripe in a 5 LB. deli container, our larger family size! It is coarse ground from Michigan-raised, grass-fed USDA-approved dairy cattle. It is all natural with no preservatives or additives. Unlike other brands, our tripe contains no denaturing agents. It is also steroid-free, hormone-free & antibiotic-free.
It is fed as a meat and as with all of our tripe products, we use only the best parts of the stomach, that is, the ruminants' first two stomach chambers: the rumin and the reticulum. Our beef tripe has been lightly washed, coarsely ground, then frozen in its natural state.
Our grass-fed cows supply a tripe high in chlorophyll, as well as, a product unmatched in its cal/phos ratios. It also provides an overall low phosporous content making it a good choice for pets needing liver and kidney support. Tripe is naturally high in Lactic Acid Bacteria, known as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, commonly found in many probiotic supplements and has a high acid content which assists in keeping your pet's teeth clean and provides extra fat for a shiny coat and quick energy.
*Warning: Tripe does not exactly smell like roses! It smells like a cow barn in the middle of summer. Your dogs will love it!
(Order 8 for a full case.)

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