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1/2 Gallon-Unpasteurized Goat Milk


Goat Milk, Raw & Frozen-Half Gallon

Now your pets can enjoy raw, frozen unpasteurized goat milk conveniently packaged in a plastic jug. You'll receive 64 oz. worth of raw goat milk. This pure milk comes from pasture-raised Wisconsin goats given quality love and attention. These goats are raised without steroids, hormones or antibiotics. 100% raw, unpasteurized milk contains many important and vital minerals, enzymes, vitamins and fatty acids that are beneficial for your pet's optimal nutrition. (See our Suggested Uses tab for health benefits and recommended serving sizes.) Goat milk has been coined as the universal milk! Besides all of the great added health benefits that this wonderful, natural product brings, pets love the taste of this unadulterated milk! It is frozen in a BPA-free plastic bottle.
Raw, unpasteurized goat milk is a great meal for a growing puppy or kitten or a nutritionally packed supplement for your adult pet.

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