Why Choose Raw Pet Food?

The Benefits of Raw Diet for Dogs & Raw Diet for Cats

“The advantages of a natural diet are many. Health and longevity are increased, there is resistance to disease and the diet can be tailored to individual needs.” “Young dogs raised naturally grow more slowly than dogs raised on commercial food and therefore fewer musculoskeletal problems are observed. Fleas, ticks and worms are almost unheard of on the Natural Diet. Skin, ear and eye problems are rare, as is bloat. Teeth rarely, if ever, have to be cleaned. Overall vitality and energy are unequaled and dogs love to eat it.” Wendy Volhard and Kerry Brown, DVM, The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog

“You can boost your pet’s health profoundly by making one simple decision. All you have to do is to change his diet from unhealthy, commercial-brand fare to something you may never have imagined giving him: real food!” “And yet the conventional wisdom among most veterinarians remains that pets should never eat table food. Pets in nature ate table food; they just didn’t have tables!”

Martin Goldstein, DVM, The Nature of Animal Healing

Research summaries extracted from Natural Health for Dogs & Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, PhD

Irish Acres is also proud to be a Wisconsin Distributor for My Pet Carnivore.

We place monthly orders with My Pet Carnivore. If you would like to place an order with MPC to pick up at Irish Acres, please send us an email and we will put you on our email list for notifications of order dates and pick up times. We do have a delivery point once a month in Little Chute, Wisconsin, at Simon's Cheese, just off Interstate 41.

Please call or email us for more information, delivery dates or to place an order.

Irish Acres carries a variety of balanced premade raw diets including:

  • OC Raw
  • Answers
  • Northwest Naturals
  • Primal
  • Albrights

We also specialize in carrying all of the ingredients to make your own balanced raw diet.

If you have a large dog or multiple dogs this is a very affordable option.

Call us to set up a consult for more information.

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